[Dental News] What is ’Mask Mouth’ since covid-19 pandemic outbreak?
  • Date : 2020.11.24

[Dental News] What is ’Mask Mouth’, since covid-19 pandemic outbreak?

 Mask mouth 

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It’s time for HASS Dental News!

We got a new phrase today.

Since covid-19 pandemic outbreak,

wearing a mask all the time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

has caused a new oral hygiene issue, which the doctors have dubbed “Mask Mouth”.

covid-19 Mask mouth


Mask Mouth’ is one the side effects

from wearing the protective coverings for long periods of time. 

This phrase refers to all kinds of dental disasters like dry mouth, cavities, gum disease.

covid-19 Mask mouth


Underlying reason of ‘Mask Mouth’ is 

wearing a mask all the time (with laxity of oral hygiene.)

This behavior to prevent coronavirus infection cause people to breathe more

 through their mouth instead of through their nose.

As your mouth becomes dry, 

your breath starts to smell awful, and your teeth suffer.

This mouth breathing leads to a decrease in saliva,

 causing the dry mouth, bad breath and buildup of bad bacteria.

*Saliva is vital to maintaining excellent oral health.

It fights the bacteria and cleanses people’s teeth.

It has self-purification which reduces the chance of cavities and gum disease as well.

It neutralizes acid in the mouth.

Also, people tends to drink less water than usual while masked up,

consume more coffee and alcohol during lockdown.

That’s why dehydration in the mouth happens repeatedly than before.


covid-19 Mask mouth

Mask mouth’ is a general expression

that covers a selection of symptoms in your mouth.

These include:

- bad breath

- dry mouth

- tooth decay and cavities

- gum inflammation(puffy gums, gingivitis, etc.)

Even people with no history of any dental problem are facing

 the problem of inflammation and cavities.


Then, What do we need to know about preventing Mask mouth?

Here are some several tips to avoid getting ‘Mask mouth’

that HASS can give you!

covid-19 Mask mouth


-First, take care of your oral(dental) hygiene.

Try to brush and floss your teeth and tongue more often,

 at least twice a day after having a meal.

-Use mouthwash and rinse your mouth before wearing a mask.

-Avoid smoking and alcohol.

It is common knowledge that smoking of all types leaves the breath with an undesirable odour

and coupled with excessive consumption of alcohol has been shown in clinical research 

to be closely linked to the prevalence of gum disease which can lead to ‘Mask Mouth’.

-Drink lots of waters as you can throughout the day. Stay hydrated.

-Avoid sugary foods and acidic drinks. 

Particularly, Acids act to dissolve calcium and phosphate, two minerals that strengthen teeth.

 That can cause the enamel to wear away, 

which makes your teeth more sensitive and prone to decay.

-Cut down on caffeine.

-Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.

-Have regular dental checkups and thoroughly examine your teeth and gums for any signs of early disease.


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