[Tooth story] Tooth MBTI
  • Date : 2021.05.27

Good day!
Today, we are going to talk about MBTI, which is based on Carl Jung`s theory of psychological type.
It is frequently used to help individuals understand their own communication preference.
It is great tool to analyze people according to the MBTI, which stand for Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

As you all know, every tooth respectively has its own character with its unique shape itself.
Based on this, we gave a personality to each tooth!
Let`s talk about [Tooth MBTI] for fun :) !

Before we start, this image above will help you understand MBTI better.

First of all, as we all know, Central incisors are the two upper and lower teeth at the very front of the mouth.
We reckon that those are considered as attention seeking and categorized as ESFP.

Secondly, lateral incisors are a pair of upper teeth that are located laterally from both maxillary
central incisors of the mouth and medially from both maxillary canines.
And we`ve defined them as ESFJ.

And as you can imagined, canines are sensitive and feel more affection-deprived.
(*we just assume this according to the its shape itself.)
Since canines are to tear food apart, we`ve considered its approach of actions as perceiving.
In conclusion, canine tooth is ENFP.

The premolars, also called premolar teeth, are located between the canine and molar teeth.
Considered it location, we think premolars are introversion.
And its approach of absorbing information is through intuition.
As a result, premolars are INFJ.

The molars are large, flat teeth at the back of the mouth. Their function is to grind food during eating.
So we`ve defined they become angry when they feel hungry.
And they are powerful and decisive so we can assume that they make decisions through thinking not the feeling.
Hence, molars are ENTJ.

Last but not least, Wisdom tooth!
Can you guess ?
It is ENTP!
Because we usually find the wisdom tooth unexpectedly, and wisdom tooth extraction is really difficult.
So we can say that wisdom tooth is stubborn and has strong will power.

We wonder your MBTI and which tooth you would be matched up with.


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