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Single crowns of upper central incisors with Amber Press (MO)
  • Date : 2021.11.05

HASSBIO AmberPress Lithium-disilicate dental-press dentalcrowns

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 Single crowns of upper central incisors with Amber Press (MO) 

▪️Courtesy of DT. Stefano Inglese

 Full text of DT. Stefano Inglese 

AMBER PRESS MO and CREATION LS Emulate opalescence through the internal and external colors. as well as usually, it happens today, it's a huge MISTAKE. By ceramics colors, we are going to absorb LIGHT. More colors it means More Absorbtion Light, More shadow, More Gray, and rather LOW VALUE. Subtractive technique of colors get to the complex gray and dental restoration looks dead.
By the light and translucency, we can emulate the natural opalescence present in NATURE and in the NATURAL TOOTH STRUCTURE. Ceramics should act like a filter of the light , bluish-violett waves are reflected and scatterd toward the surface in which the light is incident, on the other side the red-orange waves penetrate through the ceramic substance till the opposite surface creating the tipical amber effect. That's it. Simply observe, understand and try to emulate what NATURE by millions of years of evolution creates and offers us today.
Light it's responsible of the VITALITY of our dental restorations.
Harmony Smile Design by Stefano Inglese Aesthetic Dental Strategies " Art , Science and Technology "

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