[CLOSED] [HASSBIO Online Webinar] 2021 4th I.DE.A Forum - 'Learn from DIGITAL TOP SECRET!'
  • Date : 2021.12.10

2021 4th I.DE.A Forum - Online Webinar Open!

    Under the theme of 'Learn from DIGITAL TOP SECRET', an academic seminar jointly hosted by the Korean Society of Digital Dentistry (KADD) and HASS
    will be released as an online webinar for 8 days from January 3, 2022.
    This Online Webinar will be published on HASSBIO's Facebook group page.
    Register for the I.DE.A Webinar today!

    ● Program
    1. Prof. Ji-suk Shim - Evolving Dental Ceramics for CAD/CAM
    2. Dr. Hee-kyong Lee - Teeth, lips and facial harmony
    3. CDT. Petri Cristian - Digital, from aesthetics to function
    4. Prof. Du-Hyeong Lee - Digital Era, Digital Transformation : Key factors in prosthetic treatments
    5. Dr. Sangjin Suh - Recent updates on chairside CAD/CAM restorations
    ✔️ It's free of charge and you can register by clicking the link below or scanning the QR below.
    (Closed on December 31)

    ● Registration Period Fri. 10. Dec ~ Fri. 31. Dec. 2021, S.Korea ( UTC+9)
    ● Registration Link : https://bit.ly/30bSlrw

    ✔️ Please don't miss it, if you want to catch the flow of the current trends for aesthetics in digital dentistry.
    If you wish to join us online, register for the I.DE.A webinar now!

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