[CLOSE] [HASSBIO Online Webinar] 2022 5th I.DE.A Forum - “Push the Limits” - Digital Implants from Zero to One+
  • Date : 2022.12.19

2022 5th I.DE.A Forum - Online Webinar Open!

Under the theme of '“Push the Limits” - Digital Implants from Zero to One+', an academic seminar jointly hosted by the Korean Society of Digital Dentistry (KADD) and HASS.

will be released as an online webinar for 10 days from January 16, 2023.

This Online Webinar will be published on HASSBIO's Facebook group page. 

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● Program

1. Dr. Bum-Su Kim - Ideal workflow for implant FDPs : a time saving strategy

2. Dr. Yao-Lin Tang - Restoring implants digitally in one visit

3. Prof. Jang-Hyun Paek - Guided Surgery in Partially Edentulous Patients

4-1. Prof. Jong-Eun Kim - Digital dentistry technology used in the treatment process of completely edentulous patients

4-2. Prof. Chan Park - Full mouth reconstruction treatment based on digital diagnosis.

5. Dr. Hee-Kyung Lee - Strategy for the esthetic result in maxillary anterior implant cases

✔️ It's free of charge and you can register by clicking the link below or scanning the QR below.

(Closed on January 13)

Registration Period : Fri. 19. Dec. 2022 ~ Fri. 13. Jan. 2023, S.Korea ( UTC+9)

Registration Link : https://bit.ly/3FDqhOC

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