Korean Academy of Digitalized Dentistry-HASS Business Agreement Ceremony
  • Date : 2021.04.14

Korean Academy of Digitalized Dentistry-HASS

Business Agreement Ceremony

- Joint efforts to target the world of digital dentistry technology

- The 4th I.DE.A Forum's success and cooperation commitment

HASS KADD Business agreement ceremony

The Korean Academy of Digitalized Dentistry (Chairman Jae-joon Ryu) and HASS (CEO Kim Yong-su) pledged to

‘do a joint effort’ for the development of the field of digital dentistry, continuing a cooperative relationship in the new year.

The business agreement ceremony between the KADD(Korean Academy of Digitalized Dentistry) and HASS Co., Ltd. was held on 10 March.

The agreement ceremony was held on this day with only a small number of people participating due to the Corona 19.

The two organizations promise long-term shared growth and business discussions

and pledged to provide much help from the society for

▲joint efforts to promote Korea's excellent digital dentistry technology to overseas

▲the success of the I.DE.A Forum, which marks its fourth year this year.

Earlier, both organizations have signed a business agreement in 2020 and have led a cooperative relationship well.

CEO of the HASS Kim Yong-su said,

“Through continued cooperation with the prestigious academic organization, KADD,

we will play a role in helping the dental field that is rapidly transforming to digital.”

Chairman of the KADD Ryu Jae-joon said,

“In order for digital dentistry to develop as an academic and expand its base, the joint growth of related industries is indispensable.

We will continue to discover and continue to discover things that the society and industry can do together.”

*source : https://www.dailydental.co.kr/news/article.html?no=114741


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