[DENTAL TRIBUNE] HASS meets highest demands for aesthetic restorations
  • Date : 2021.09.08

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HASS meets highest demands for aesthetic restorations

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HASS's goal is to develop and improve glass-ceramic materials for natural-looking teeth.

GANGNEUNG, South Korea: At IDS 2021,

all-ceramic dental materials manufacturer HASS (Human-Aid System Supplier) will be presenting

a wide range of glass-ceramic solutions for aesthetic restorations that meet the requirements of both chairside and laboratories.

In focus for IDS will be Amber Mill, which was named a WOW!

Product in October 2020 by the Journal of Dental Technology, published by the National Association of Dental Laboratories in the US.

Amber Mill is available in four shades: high, medium, and low translucency, as well as medium opacity.

It is a highly aesthetic and innovative nano-lithium disilicate CAD/CAM block with the following advantages:

1. Amber Mill demonstrates both opalescence and fluorescence of natural teeth.

2. It is possible to vary translucency with a single block of Amber Mill by modifying the heat treatment temperature according to the targeted translucency.

 This will enhance the work process efficiency and inventory management for CAD/CAM milling blocks.

3. The denser and more cross-linked crystal structure of Amber Mill results in superior physical properties.

4. Less chipping—the outstanding machinability of Amber Mill is evident from the edges of the milled restorations.

In addition, the company is showcasing other members of its CAD/CAM line: the Amber Mill H hybrid ceramic block and the Zirtooth multilayered zirconia disk;

the glass-ceramic ingots Amber Press and Amber Press Master that are suitable for hydrofluoric acid veneering material;

and Amber LiSi-POZ, an innovative and differentiated product utilizing the technique of lithium disilicate ingot pressing on a zirconia framework.

Dental professionals can also try out Amber Vest, an ultra-fine phosphate-bound investment for press ceramics,

and COCO Lux, a lighting device for dental photography with mobile phones.

At IDS, the HASS booth (O069) can be found in Hall 11.2. Special gifts will be available on-site. More information about the company can be found at www.hassbio.com!

*Source : DENTAL(https://international-dental-show.dental-tribune.com/)  


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