[IR52 Jang Young-sil Award] HASS / Machinable dental glass-ceramic blocks made of lithium disilicate (Amber Mill)
  • Date : 2020.09.14

Machinable dental glass-ceramic blocks, Amber Mill won Jang Young-sil prize.

Jang Young-sil prize                           Hass Amber Mill

Machinable dental glass-ceramic blocks, Amber Mill was awarded Jang Young-sil prize.

‘Amber Mill’ is Dental restorative materials used for filling tooth cavities or treating dental caries.

Since Amber Mill is nano-sized under 0.1 micrometer, it leads much better results, such as outstanding machinability, excellent mechanical properties, aesthetic values.

Hass Amber Mill

Considering fact that Glass ceramic materials have been manufactured mainly in Europe or USA for a long time, it is meaningful for HASS to succeeded producing Glass ceramic materials.

With steady research, Chief Technology Officer, Robert (Hyungbong Lim), successfully presented reinforced glass ceramic materials in 2016 and after 2 years, in 2018 Amber Mill had been launched. 

하스 인공치아용 나노 리튬실리케이트 결정화 유리

Amber Mill`s nanoparticles enable users to polish milled restorations before crystallization. This working process would make users performed in a simple way, which is way more convenient, compared to other ways. Furthermore, gentle translucency would appear after crystallization, creating the genuine aesthetic value.

                             Nano Lithium Disilicate Amber Mill    Amber Mill                           

*Source : Reporter Kim Si-kyun, Maeil Business Newspaper



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