[Global Webinar][SP] HASSBio LATAM 2021/ "InOffice Veneers - Inside the Lab"
  • Date : 2021.10.27

 [LATAM 2021✨] HASSBIO LATAM 2021: "InOffice Veneers - Inside the Lab" 

*LATAM 2021 was a good chance for an exchange of experiences on HASSBIO evolutionary materials together with LATAM opinion leaders! 

This event took place in South America. It was conducted in Spanish. 

**If you need subtitles, please adjust the setting button below the video! :-)

▶"HASSBio LATAM Dental Ceramic Summit 2021: Fusing Resistance & Aesthetics - ONLINE"

▶"Cumbre de Cerámica Dental HASS Bio LATAM 2021 : Fusionando Resistencia & Estética - ONLINE" ▶Program

Mr. Johan Ospina & Dr. Juan Esteban Libreros : "InOffice Veneers - Inside the Lab"

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