[Tooth story] Origin of Canine
  • Date : 2020.09.25

Here`s interesting story regarding   "canine tooth"  

Tooth Dental Dog teeth Fangs Canine

As you all know, a canine is placed laterally to each lateral incisor. 

Two in the upper, and two in the lower arch.

As for the function, it is mainly for holding food in order to tear the food apart.

Canine teeth, long and pointed teeth are named after dogs due to their resemblance to a dog`s fangs.

It is obvious our canine teeth aren`t long and sharp that much as a dog`s though :)

Actually, it is also called as dog teeth, fangs, cuspids, and eye teeth.

How attractive :)

 Try Amber Mill to realize aesthetics on canine tooth :)  


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